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First Real Appearance Of Me Coincides With First Appearance Of Wayne Coyne

Last night, lead singer of The Flaming Lips/greatest rock front man alive today Wayne Coyne personally delivered vinyl copies of his band’s collaboration with Neon Indian to Good Records in Dallas, TX. As I have been following The Flaming Lips for about twenty years now, I naturally went to not only get the record, but be presented with the chance to meet Wayne.

I met Wayne. He shook my hand. I said thanks for coming to Dallas. Then I froze. I have never really been the starstruck type, but I went completely stupid. I don’t know if I said anything coherent. I do know that he signed my record.

Then…he hugged Mrs. Cinematically Correct and I. And a picture was taken. I am not a fan of pictures, but I couldn’t and still can’t get that stupid grin off my face.

Thank you to Wayne Coyne for coming to Dallas and making my Thursday the best Thursday ever. As always, check me out at Red Carpet Crash and follow me, Chiccywood, on Twitter.


How 2010 Became The Year The Austin City Limits Festival Completely Sold Its Soul

When you go to an all-weekend music festival, you should know going in to expect lots and lots of indie bands with most of the headlining acts being some big name artists that still seem hip or cool. For example, the last time I attended ACL, Tom Petty was the final act. Sure, Petty’s sold millions of records and is a huge star, but he still maintains a hipster image of cool. So, in my snobby/douchey hipster mind, he remains cool.

Well, the 2010 ACL lineup was just announced and the headliners are some of the worst I’ve seen. Let’s look at them shall we?

  • The Eagles: If The Dude hates the Eagles, I hate the Eagles. Oh, just kidding. I dig The Eagles. Now, do I think that they should be headlining ACL? Not a chance. They are going to be so out of place, especially after following the next band on Sunday night…
  • The Flaming Lips: Search for this band on this blog and that should explain how I feel about them. They are greatness. They are rock heroes. They will make The Eagles look 500 years old after they finish their set.
  • Muse: Vomit.
  • Norah Jones: Won’t there be enough weed at Zilker Park to put people to sleep? The last thing we need is Jones to come out and knock everyone out.
  • The Strokes: Okay, now we’re talking. They haven’t really played together in years and it will be interesting to see if I like them as much as I did six or seven years ago.
  • Phish: Dear Lord. My only hope is that all the dirty, disgusting burnout dopes that still think this band is actually good clear out of Austin after they are done on Friday night. This band is so musically irrelevant…I…I…I really can’t think of anything truly cruel enough to say about how much I despise this band.

Now, there are several bands that make my indie snob pants go crazy. Here are the bands that you should be wanting to see because they are playing really great music that you’ll not be wanting to be missing.


  • Spoon
  • Vampire Weekend
  • Broken Bells
  • Beach House
  • Girls


  • LCD Soundsystem
  • Monsters Of Folk
  • Matt & Kim
  • The xx
  • The Temper Trap
  • Local Natives
  • Bear In Heaven

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

  • The Flaming Lips
  • Band Of Horses
  • The National
  • Yeasayer
  • Midlake
  • The Morning Benders

I am a fan of all these bands and can personally vouch for their awesomenicity.

A Guy In An Indian Headress Helps The Flaming Lips On Jimmy Fallon

You have to give it to Jimmy Fallon’s booking department. They go out and get some of the best indie bands going today. Not many shows would stick The National on there and have them play the first song of an album that hasn’t even been released yet.

Here’s another winner from Fallon’s show. You get The Flaming Lips on and they do a killer version of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe”. This is easily the best tune from their cover of the “Dark Side Of The Moon” album. Yes, you read that right, they recorded the album in its entirety. I love this band and I still haven’t passed judgment on the album because it’s just so damn different. Now their actual album “Embryonic”? 100% Flaming Lips gold my friend.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Cinematically Correct Lives!! Pine As The Cap’n? Conan’s Unemployment Beard! Betty White Models Lingerie!

There hasn’t been anything posted here since last Thursday! This means that Cinematically Correct was wasting even more Internet space than the standard amount it wastes. It’s kind of like if John Mayer stopped performing. Why the Mayer shot? Well, I would have taken plenty last week but I was busy dealing with snow in Texas and a locked iPhone…dark, dark days indeed.

  • There is a correction for the headline here. Betty White is not modeling lingerie. Instead, there is some wheels off movement to get her as a Saturday Night Live host this year. Why the hell not? She’s total greatness and there’s a guarantee the ratings for that episode would be massive. Besides, she’ll say just about anything for a laugh.
  • Ah, it’s Christina Hendricks that is modeling lingerie. Again, I’m not a meathead guy…but holy s*** dude. This just can’t be legal right? I’m going on record saying that Hendricks is the Most Gorgeous Chick Of All Time That You Will Look At This Afternoon Today.
  • Anybody excited about the Bonarroo lineup? It’s pretty kickass. It’s even more awesomer (bad phrasing?) knowing that The Flaming Lips are performing “Dark Side Of The Moon” in its entirety, just like they did in Oklahoma City on New Year’s Eve. Now, Wayne Coyne’s house? It’s even more awesomer…est?
  • Last year, while I was unemployed, it was difficult to get motivated because unlike Conan O’Brien, my douchebag former employer didn’t give me $35 million bucks to go away. So I sat around, ate ice cream, played X-Box, watched The Price Is Right, you know…deadbeat things that stoners do. Conan O’Brien takes his kids to Hawaii. Have we all stopped feeling completely sorry for Conan? Good.
  • Make no mistake about the previous bullet point…Jay Leno and NBC can still go straight to hell. Love you Coco.
  • Awhile back, Mrs. Cinematically Correct went on and on about Aaron Eckhart and how fabulous he is and how she wants to be his girlfriend…blah blah blah. She wants him to Captain America. Well, she won’t get to see Eckhart in blue tights just yet as the latest rumor du jour (that’s French for “soup of the day”) is Chris Pine is going to put on those particular super-hero stretchy pants. Pine released a statement saying that he “will only play fictional Captains from this point forth“. He didn’t say that.
  • Finally…there is some strange animated page on the Flynn Lives website right now. Flynn, of course, is the main character from “Tron” and is played by Jeff Bridges, who is pretty much the best at everything. The online geek community (not me of course) seems to think that this is some kind of counter or countdown clock. Counting down to what? The time when Tron junkies finally move out of their parent’s basement? Perhaps the first time they accidentally kiss a girl? More? No? Okay. Bye.

Getting Tougher & Tougher To Say No To New Year’s In OKC

The biggest ballon drop? Biggest mirrorball? I am three hours from Oklahoma City…would passing up The Flaming Lips on New Year’s Eve in their hometown be completely insane? The entire trip could be reasonably pulled off for around $250…and Wayne is really selling it.

Maybe The Flaming Lips Cover Of “Dark Side Of The Moon” Makes Next Year’s List?

Listen to “Embryonic” and you will think it is impossible for The Flaming Lips to get any freakier or insane. Well, if you are in the Oklahoma City area on New Year’s Eve, the band may be out to prove you wrong. As usual, the band is going to ring in the New Year in their hometown of OKC. Since Wayne and the boys have already recorded an entire cover of “Dark Side Of The Moon”, which is going to be released on iTunes next year, they are going to full Pink Floyd route by playing that trippy ass album in its entiretly for the New Year’s show.

I live in Dallas…OKC is only three hours from here…hmmm…

Working Around…Well…Work

I Don't Use Jelly Either.

I Don't Use Jelly Either.

Since my employer has cranked it up a notch in the Dumbass Decision Department, I’ve had to come up with a way to keep content flowing here. Of course, since what I write is borderline Pulitzer winning material, I don’t want to sacrifice the quality. It’s really my insistence on pleasing you, the reader…or it could be a desire to waste time at work, you decide. Enough of that. I need to get down to it so I can return to the workplace version of Nazi Germany.

Thankfully, my new “arrangements” here at work allows me to still enjoy my iPod. Since I’m a big album guy, I listen to an artist’s album in its entirety in one sitting. It’s a great way to pass the time and I believe that the truly gifted artist can create an album’s worth of material that flows together, you are listening to their music in the fashion that they intended. A great album is just like a great movie to me…you aren’t meant to skip around and watch scenes out of order.

So, from now on, I will probably start each day with an Album Of The Day post. Nothing lengthy like this, just a quick bit on what I’m listening to. After all, why would you read this nonsense unless you were completely captivated by my thoughts? Why not become obsessed with my actions as well?

Oh by the way…today’s album is “Transmissions From The Satellite Heart” by The Flaming Lips.