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The New Pornographers Make The Greatest Music Video Of All Time

There hasn’t been any posts here in forever. Why? I’m yet again writing for another movie site. This one is called Red Carpet Crash and my snarkiness doesn’t even come close to matching their snark. Really, it’s a match made in heaven. You can see my posts pretty easily there as I’m the guy named Chic wrestling an alligator. That’s just how I roll. So the majority of my gibber jabber will be on that site. Again, it’s Red Carpet Crash.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the genius of this New Pornographers video for “Moves”. There are so many funny people showing up in it, not to mention a pregnant Paul Rudd and a pregnant Bill Hader. Yeah. It’s that kind of weird. So weird that a guy puts a line of blow on a slice of pizza. Now that is mother effing rock and roll brosef.


Okkervil River’s Will Sheff Is An Example Of Indie Rock Hair At Its Finest

Okkervil River has a new album due out on September 9th titled “The Stage names”. Click on over to download the first tune from the album, “Lost Coastlines”, for free! Yay Internet!

Here is an acoustic performance of that same tune with special guest A.C. Newman of the overrated indie band, The New Pornographers, singing in place of Jonathan Meiburg. Meiburg was in Okkervil River, but left to work full-time on his other band, Shearwater. Indie rock is so confusing sometimes.