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First Post In Forever That Will Make Any Son With A Father Cry

Yup, it made me weepy. It’s about time that my boy JK Simmons really got something to dig into. That guy is such greatness.

Also, if you are really missing me (and who isn’t), be sure to read Red Carpet Crash. Here’s a link to my stuff there. Coming up this week? My first taped interview with writer/director Tom McCarthy. I didn’t sweat through my clothes for it, so that was a plus.


January 4th, 2011: The Day That I Realized I Want To See An Ashton Kutcher Movie

This is amazing. It’s like when astronauts discovered the Moon or like when Thomas Edison made electricity and the iPhone. After watching the extremely not safe for work trailer below, I want to see an Ashton Kutcher movie. Needless to say, I’m quite bothered by this development. I mean…it’s just that…Ashton Kutcher is so freaking terrible.

I’m giving myself some credit as there are other factors in my want to see this movie. Let’s detail them shall we? Also, this is something that I would recently have posted on MoviesOnline, but this trailer is maybe a bit too vulgar for that site. However, I’m completely fine with spreading it around here.

1. Ivan Reitman directed it and this movie looks to be extremely blue. I like that he’s going to try for an edge here.

2. Natalie Portman looks like she’s quite naked throughout. So really, that’s a huge plus.

3. Kevin Klein = greatness 100% of the time.

4. Ludacris (spelled right? I have no clue) is funny. Well, not generally, but he looks to be quite funny in this.

5. Mindy effing Kaling pal. She’s a good strong person that makes funny word sounds come out of her mouth.

6. Natalie Portman looks like she’s quite naked throughout. So really, that’s a…wait…I said that already. But…she looks naked a bunch.

The Paul Rudd For Oscar Campaign Starts Right Here

There’s really only one director/writer that has shown he’s able to consistently get actors Oscar nominations for largely comedic-type roles. That would be James L. Brooks. Did this guy kind of invent the dramedy? “Terms Of Endearment” is 100% certified greatness, “As Good As It Gets” has what I feel to be Jack Nicholson’s second best performance of his career, and now, Brooks is going to get my favorite actor on the Oscar train. Paul Rudd. Believe it buddy.

Don’t think it can happen? Watch this trailer and see the potential gold that Rudd has with this role. It seems like the type of lovable,down on his luck loser that he will just smoke out of the park.

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Anybody Up To Watch “Tron” Then Play Some Tank Later Today?

Normally, I don’t get all geeked out over action scenes or fancy special effects. I’m more of a plot or character driven movie fan, which is why I loved “Inception” and despise “Avatar”. One uses effects and action to push a story, the other showed me tall blue cats flying on dinosaurs for an hour. Boooooring.

This latest trailer for “Tron Legacy” may be the rare exception for me. This trailer was shown at the Tron panel at Comicon yesterday and there’s no doubt that the geeks were floored. It just looks mind-blowing.

“Predators”: Trailer #7,182 That Gives Way Too Much Away

Unless you want to know how and when at least three characters in “Predators” gets killed, don’t watch this mother f***ing trailer. I am sick and tired of these assholes that put these trailers together completely spoiling movies for me. Yes, this is just “Predators” and it’s not like they showed me what Snape does at the end of “The Half-Blood Prince” or anything, but give me a freaking break. The actor I dig the most out of everyone in this movie? They show his demise in the first ten seconds of this thing. Complete and total 100% verified bullshit here.

So, to all you toolbags out there cutting trailers together: Watch the “Inception” trailers over and over again. That is how you tease a movie.

Cinematically Correct note: This post was rated PG-13.

Rogen Smokes, Drinks, Parties His Ass Off…In “The Green Hornet”?!

Like many others, I was a bit skeptical about Seth Rogen putting on his action pants and starring in “The Green Hornet”. It was a bit comforting when Stephen Chou was on board to direct and star as Kato for the flick, but very unsettling when he completely bailed on the project. However, replacing him with Michel Gondry is definitely a sneaky way to my movie heart.

Well, the first trailer shows off what many of the stars do well. Rogen says awkward things and Christoph Waltz looks delightfully evil. Think he’s being typecast much? While it’s a slick little preview, I’m still a bit hesitant to dive completely into this one. The trailer is lacking in Gondry-isms. If you really wanted to sell the fact that Gondry is finally directing a big budget flick and you didn’t pull the reins on him, wouldn’t you put a few of his trademark brilliant visuals in the first trailer? One would think so…so the absence of them kinda says there aren’t any of those trademark visuals.

Then again, I’m probably¬†over analyzing¬†the hell out of this trailer.

“Never Let Me Go” Trailer Will Either Make You Weepy Or Madly Depressed

Yeesh. Aren’t trailers supposed to make me want to see a movie, not curl up into the fetal position and twitch? Seriously, watch this trailer for “Never Let Me Go” and try to not be overwhelmed by…well…emotion. The movie just looks gray, sounds gray, and the trailer made me feel gray inside. Coming from director Mark Romanek, who gave us the fun family flick “One Hour Photo”, this one is sure to make even the coldest, deadest black hearts leap from their chests and beat alive once more. Either that or you’ll blow your brains out in the theater.

Naturally, I can’t wait to see it.