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There is a strange emptiness that I am feeling this morning. Is it because I need to eat a snack? Is it because I am at work and really want to be at home playing MLB 2K9 on the X-Box or perhaps 18 holes of Tiger Woods on the Wii? Perhaps I am craving a Fresca? Well…yes, all of those things are true…but the real reason is because there is no “Lost” tonight. Sure, there is some clip show that is designed to help the casual “Lost” fan get reacquanted with what’s been happening…but come on, the real psychos like you and I don’t need that clip show.

So…what to do tonight? Well, since I purchased the MLB Extra Innings package, I am going to watch the Phillies play the Brewers. If the game gets out of hand, why, it’s “The Wrestler” on BluRay. I can’t wait to see how brutal Mickey Rourke looks in spectacular 1080 perfection.

Cinematically Correct note: I’m still bitter about Mickey Rourke losing Best Actor. Complete nonsense.

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