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The Best Albums Of 2010 That You Can’t Miss Hearing Because They Are The Best Albums Of 2010

Can any of you immediately win?

It’s that time of the year again. You know, the time when music snobs like me tell you all the hip and cool music I’ve been listening to all year. Oh, but for all my tens of readers, I’m going all out this year. Actually, that’s been my slogan all year: Goin’ All Out In 2010. That means you get to see every album I listened to in 2010 ranked in worst to first order. Lucky freaking you right?

I realize this list doesn’t have some critically acclaimed or high selling records on it. I won’t put it on my list unless I’ve heard it. So, naturally, there is no Kanye or Katy Perry or whatever is on the radio these days as I just don’t listen to the radio. Radio is evil and must be stopped at all costs.

30. “That Lonesome Song”, Jamey Johnson

29. “Interpol”, Interpol

28. “National Ransom”, Elvis Costello

27. “Destroyers of the Void”, Blitzen Trapper

26. “Courage of Others”, Midlake

25. “Congratulations”, MGMT

24. “The Ghost Who Walks”, Karen Elson

23. “Surfing The Void”, The Klaxons

22. “Infinite Arms”, Band Of Horses

21. “Forgiveness Rock Record”, Broken Social Scene

20. “The Age of Adz”, Sufjan Stevens

19. “Contra”, Vampire Weekend

18. “Together”, The New Pornographers

17. “Junky Star”, Ryan Bingham

16. “Broken Bells”, Broken Bells

15. “All We Grow”, S. Carey

14. “Sea of Cowards”, The Dead Weather

13. “Transference”, Spoon

12. “Tourist History”, Two Door Cinema Club

11. “The Big To Do”, Drive By Truckers

10. “The Suburbs”, Arcade Fire

9. “Big Echo”, The Morning Benders

8. “The Golden Archipelago”, Shearwater

7. “Volume Two”, She & Him

6. “Halcyon Digest”, Deerhunter

5. “The Winter Of Mixed Drinks”, Frightened Rabbit

4. “This Is Happening”, LCD Soundsystem

3. “The Wild Hunt”, The Tallest Man On Earth

2. “High Violet”, The National

1. “Expo 86”, Wolf Parade

Cinematically Correct note: I win. Middle across with the help of the free square.

  1. December 3, 2010 at 10:07 AM

    I’m falling behind. I only bought one of those albums this year and can’t win hipster bingo (I only get highlife, chucks, and hoodie).

    • December 3, 2010 at 10:17 AM

      I only win due to the luck of having four & using the free square. If I smoked a Parliament, I’d probably throw up.

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